"Lies run sprints,

but the TRUTH runs marathons!"

                                                                                            -Michael Jackson



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"It's All  For L.O.V.E."


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Brenda Ritchie, Latoya Jackson, Jeffre, Pearl Jr.
November 14, 2013





Events Covered by MJI

Kathryn Jackson vs AEGLive Trial 2013
Media Rep Conrad Murray Trial 2011

Preliminary Hearing Dr. Conrad Murray 2011

The People vs. Michael Jackon 2005

Marc Schaffel vs. Michael Jackson 2005

Joe Jackson Birthday Party 2007

Jesse Jackson Birthday Party 2007

Thriller Dance Hollywood, Ca. 2008
Julien's Auction 2009
Thriller Dance Los Angeles, Ca. 2009
This Is It Premier Los Angeles, Ca 2009
Dr. Conrad Murray Arraignment 2010
Forever Michael Los Angeles, Ca 2010
Jermaine Jackson Family Music  2010

BREAKING NEWS released first on MJI

Michael Jackson to attend Jesse Jackson's Birthday Party - Oct. 2007
Janet Jackson reason for cancelling concerts (Vertigo) - Sept. 2008
First to release Micahel Jackson to move in Carolwood Mansion - Oct. 2008
Successful Protest Against Billboard Not Ranking Thriller 25 on Top 200 List - March 2007
The first to announce ambulance at Michael's house. - June 2009


Do The Jacksons Know That  MICHAEL Is Aliive?



Who's Michael Jackson's DEAD Body?

DarknessRadio.com interview with Pearl Jr. January 8, 2015.

Is He Really Michael Jackson?

Loose  Clues

News #4

Jackson Publicist Says Surprise Is Coming!

Paris Jackson ALLEGED Suicide Attempt - Journey & Xscape

Part 2 Michael Jackson, Wade Robson Safechuck  Hearing September 4, 2014

Part 1 Michael Jackson, Wade Robson Safechuck  Hearing September 4, 2014


Michael Jackson's $40 Million Death Hoax



Michael Jackson New Corpse Details (WARNING)



Michael Jackson The Great "XSCAPE" I Knew


Don't Boycott Michael Jackson's Xscape

Michael Jackson "Xscape" & Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's Producer, Rodney Jerkins, Read His Lips



DNA Test Is Brandon Howard Michael Jackson's Son?




Michael Jackson Estate vs. IRS



Breaking News


Will Michael Jackson Go To Jail If He Faked His Death? Part 2



Will Michael Jackson Go To Jail If He Faked His Death? Part 1

Does Corey Feldman BeLIEve in the Michael Jackson' Death Hoax?

Michael Jackson's Loose Clues News #3

Michael Jackson, PeterPanPyt & A Rare Pearl

IIs Is Michael Jackson Behind The Masks?

Katherine Jackson's Attorney, Brian Panish, Acknowledges Death  Hoax

i Attorneys Talk After Katherine's Testimony

 (KJ vs. AEGLive)


Michael Jackson's Mother's Attorney (Panish)& AEGLive's Attorney (Putnam) Have an Argument

iParis Jackson Discusses MJ & Grace Rwaramba's Relationship'

DarknessRadio.com interview with Pearl Jr. featuring PeterPanPYT  (Hour 1) 6/6/13


DarknessRadio.com interview with Pearl Jr. featuring PeterPanPYT (Hour 2) 6/6/13

Michael Jackson ANKH=Life After Death

Conrad Murray Convicted Himself

AEG Lawyer Will Not Stipulate That MJ Was Dead

Michael Jackson Unbelievable Death Hoax

Michael Jackson OZ & "Michael" album clues (includes BEST CLUE EVER!!!)



Michael Jackson Death Hoax Clues




  Are You A Friend of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson & Forest Lawn



Michael Jackson The Comeback Dates



MJ Twitpic Death Hoax Clues


Paris Jackson Participates in MJ Death Hoax?

Did Michael Jackson Plan To Fake His Death During Invincible?

Bad 25 and the Rare Pearl

Michael Jackson & Rolling Stone

It's "All in Your Name" Michael JOE Jackson (Part 2 & More)




It's "All in Your Name" Michael JOE Jackson



((((Jackson Family Feud The Set-Ups


TJ Jackson and Paris, Prince & Blanket






Pearl Jr. With Jackson Family Members & Associates



Michael Jackson's Performance Art Updated

Conrad Murray & The Dragon Tattoo

Michael Jackson(s) Disney

Paris Jackson "Why Can't You Just BeLIEve?"

Michael Jackson The Disappearing Acts

Michael Jackson

& The Tomato Food Fight

The Reincarnation of

Michael  Jackson?

Who Is Really

Michael  Jackson? (Part 2)

Who Is Really

Michael  Jackson? (Part 1)

Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

Siedah Garrett at I'll Be There Event 2012

Flanagan Talks

Conrad Murray Appeal

PeterPanPYT/Michael Jackson Wink Wink Nod Nod

Michael Jacksons Real or Fake?

Click on the links below to view additional Videos

Video Archives 2011 Part 1

Video Archives 2011 Part 2

Video Archives 2010 Part 1

Video Archives 2010 Part  2

Michael has been obsessed with the dead coming back to life since the days of "Thriller" where zombies were prominently
featured, again in the video "Ghosts", and his nephew, Taj Jackson, is currently producing a movie about zombies, so now
has Michael really "died" just to COMEBACK to life?

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Firpo Carr & Angel Howansky - Jackson Spokespersons
Randy Taraborelli - Author (The Music and the Madness)
Geraldine Hughes - Author (Redemption)
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Dr. Jan Adams - Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

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Majestik the Magnificent
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