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To discover what happened June 25th 2009 based on the facts from “Alive 2 Michael Jackson the Great Xscape”.

Pearl Jr. - Joseph Walter Jackson Memorial July 2018


Bigi Jackson, Pearl Jr., Prince Jackson August 2023

Pearl Jr - Donte Jackson 300p-19

Pearl Jr. & Donte Jackson 2024

a5 myles frost and pearl mj 65 b

Pearl Jr. & Myles Frost August 2023

a5 pearl - nick cannon farmers m

Pearl Jr. & Nick Cannon May 2023

pearl - omer 2023-6b7dbd3e-1920w

Pearl Jr. & Omer Bhatti May 2023


Pearl Jr. & Brandon Howard June 17, 2011

Pearl Jr. & John Branca Executor Michael Jackson Estate MJ Fan Fest & Immortal Tour 12/6/11

Pearl Jr. & Angel Howansky Jackson Family Publicist December 2010

Pearl Jr. & Jermaine Jackson
"Jackson Family Music" October 6, 2010

Pearl Jr. & Smokey Robinson 2010


Joe Jackson & Pearl Jr. Joe Jackson's Birthday Party 2007

Brenda Lotoya Jeffre- Pearl 2013

Brenda Ritchie, La Toya Jackson, Jeffre' Phillips & Pearl Jr. 2013

pearl branca 65 bday vegas tag 3

Pearl Jr. & John Branca August 2023

Pearl Jr Prince Jackson MJBDAY-1

Pearl Jr. & Prince Jackson at MJone Birthday Celebration 2022

mj4 pearl and austin new york 37

Pearl Jr. & Austin Brown (8/11/16)

Pearl _Tom Messereau_192-1920w

Pearl Jr. & Tom Mesereau February 26, 2012

Pearl Jr Miko Brandoe-1920w

Pearl Jr. & Miko Brando MJ Fan Fest & Immortal Tour 12/6/11

Pearl - Randy Jr.E-1920w

Pearl Jr. & Randy Jackson Jr.
"Jackson Family Music" October 6, 2010


Pearl Jr. & Jeremy Jackson (Jermaine's son) "Jackson Family Music" October 6, 2010


Kenny Ortega & Pearl Jr. October 2009

pearl_ jermaine

Jermaine Jackson & Pearl Jr. 2007

2005 credential media pass-353h

2005 Trial Credential

murray trial credential-340w

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Activist Pearl Jr. and her partner Cecil Holmes of Elbow Grease Productions diligently defended the truth in the media pertaining to the facts of the trial and are proud to continue our support of Michael Jackson. From time to time, we will be updating you with insider information about the King of Pop.

Pearl Jr. & Cecil Holmes

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