Michael Jackson "Playing Dead?"

Prince Jackson Drives Behind Pearl Jr.

Michael Jackson;s Real Pornography (TRUtalk Straight Outta L.A.).

Michael Jackson Flashback 2005 Trail featuring Pearl Jr.

Why MJ faked his death? The answer could be here

Michael Jackson The Price of Fame & A Bonus Clue

Michael Jackson & Propofol A Perfect Match

Another Michael Jackson Death Hoax Prank Feb 2007 & Dec 2008

A shocking Michael Jackson PRE-Death Hoax Clue

Jermaine Jacksun at Forest Lawn June 25th 2015

Michael Jackson Ten Anniversary Vindication Day

Do The Jacksons Know That  MICHAEL Is Aliive?

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    MJI Exclusive Interviews

Tom Mesereau -Civil Rights Attorney
Linda Deutsch - Associated Press
Aphrodite Jones - Best-Selling Author (Michael Jackson Conspiracy)
Jermaine Jackson, Joe Jackson, Randy Jackson
Kenny Ortega -  Director (This Is It)
Firpo Carr & Angel Howansky - Jackson Spokespersons
Randy Taraborelli - Author (The Music and the Madness)
Geraldine Hughes - Author (Redemption)
Rodney Jerkins - Producer
Dr. Jan Adams - Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

Larkin Arnold - Former CBS Records V.P.
Smokey Robinson - Recording Artist
Majestik the Magnificent
and many others

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we will be updating you with insider information about the
King of Pop.

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